Want to publish a review of an upcoming work by an Asian author? We’d love to see it! Please use the form on the Contact page to get in touch.


  • You must be an Asian reviewer. We’d prefer an ownvoices review if possible (for instance, a Chinese-American reviewer for a book by a Chinese-American author) but we’re pretty flexible.
  • Reviews should be between 500-700 words.
  • We can’t pay for reviews. We operate this blog purely as a hobby, and it’s not in any way monetized. Hopefully one day we’ll get to the point where we can solicit paid reviews, but for now this blog runs on volunteer work.
  • When the story allows, we’d like to see reviews that include some discussion of the relevant cultural, historical, or identity-based issues in the text.


We are happy to accept ARCs for review, though due to time constraints we can’t promise to read everything we’re sent. If you think we might be interested in a book by an Asian author, please shoot an email to kuangwrites [at]!


  • We enjoy SFF (both Adult and YA) and literary fiction the most, and that’s what we’re most likely to read. We also like contemporary and historical fiction.
  • If the author is comfortable, we’d appreciate some information about their heritage and background–this is just so we can do our best to find an #ownvoices reviewer.
  • Please try to get in touch at least two months before release date so we can contribute to launch day social media!
  • We’re happy to accommodate your publicity schedules. Just let us know which day you would like posts to go up.
  • If we end up not liking a book, we just won’t review it. We think reviewing is ultimately pretty subjective, and we don’t want to create bad buzz around a book that someone else might love.
  • Please don’t submit books by white authors.
  • That’s it!