just two bffs who scream about books

Rebecca F. Kuang

Rebecca got her BA in International History at Georgetown and is currently pursuing an MPhil in modern Chinese history at Cambridge. She has a chihuahua named Jack-Jack, but corgis are her favorite dog. She also writes books like THE POPPY WAR (Harper Voyager) and the upcoming THE DRAGON REPUBLIC.

Farah Naz Rishi

Farah Naz Rishi  was an environmental lawyer who ditched The Law for a writing career. Occasionally, people pay her to write: most recently, Glasstown Entertainment and Radish Fiction. You can also find her work at Podcastle and Killscreen Magazine. When she’s not writing, she is talking to herself, video game characters, or the various plants and animals she lives with.

Gina Chen

Gina is a software engineer by day and a creative for life. She marathons everything she does—be it writing, reading, design, tv, or games—and has developed very little chill and volume control over the years. She loves complicated heroines, fairy tales, and terrible jokes.

Guest Reviewers

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