The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins!

Hi, and welcome to Journey to the BEST!

One day, Farah and I realized that we spend so much time raving about books to each other that we might as well put our reviews online for the whole internet to see. We’re so excited about the amazing fiction coming out right now by Asian writers, and this blog is our way to review, celebrate, appreciate, and promote it all.

Here are some blog names that were suggested and ultimately rejected because they are terrible puns:

  • Dream of the Read Chamber
  • Water Marginalia
  • Romance of the Read Kingdoms

(Thanks, S.)

We thought it was important to have a review blog about Asian books by Asian readers, simply because in-group dialogue is important. Oftentimes Asian stories will carry cultural codes and inside jokes that outsiders just won’t pick up on, and we wanted a space to discuss the nuances of culture, heritage, and history in a way that resonates with Asian readers. Journey to the BEST! is our place to do that outside of the white gaze.

Some disclaimers:

  1. When we say “Asian” we mean everyone. Asian-Asian, Asian-American, Asian diaspora, half-Asian, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, etc.! We’re trying to be inclusive as possible, because why not?
  2. This is NOT a comprehensive site of all the Asian fiction coming out, or a judgement of the “best” works coming out. Our community is producing so much great stuff that we can’t possibly keep up with, so all this review blog will ever claim to be is a place where we gush about great books that we just happened to have time to read. We’re buddies who like books. Not critics who rank things!
  3. We say “fiction” generally, but our tastes run closer towards SFF in Adult and YA, because that’s what we write! Other than that there are no rules on what we will include so if you are expecting consistency then that is your own fault.

In the next few months we’ll be doing reviews and Q&As with a ton of books and authors we’re excited about–Akemi Dawn Bowman’s SUMMER BIRD BLUE, Tasha Suri’s EMPIRE OF SAND, and Natasha Ngan’s GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE, for starters! We loved their books so much and we hope you do too. Hope you stop by and check it out.

PS–if you have recommendations for new books by Asian writers coming out, please let us know on the Contacts page! We try to keep up but things could slip past our radar.


Rebecca and Farah


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